Snack Hacks

Five snack hacks and pairing ideas that will make life taste a little better.

Snack hacks

Freeze your Lemon Quadratini

According to Aysen Gerlach, a contributor to the New York Times, freezing your Lemon Quadratini is a game-changing refreshment. The freezing enhances the sweet-sour citrus taste of our Lemon Quadratini.

Create your own Wafer Pops

Our festive decorated Quadratini are simple, classic and great for just about every celebration. And the best part, they are easy to make and super delicious!

Learn how to make them

Add wafer cookies to your milk

You probably have heard of hot chocolate bombs before. The little chocolate balls that melt in steaming hot milk and turn your milk into a delicious hot chocolate. You get the same effect when you add 2-3 Loacker wafers to your hot milk. The wafer cookies will add a subtle flavor (depending on the cookie flavor you choose) to your milk.

Dip your wafers into coffee

Italians love dipping their biscotti and all sorts of Italian style cookies into their coffee. A crunchy wafer cookie dipped in a foamy cappuccino or in the crema of a rich espresso is unmatched.

Glam up girls night

Plan your next girl's night with this super delicious Loacker dessert board. Treat your girlfriends to a variety of Loacker wafer and chocolate specialties, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries.