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The Story of a Family

Almost 100 years ago, in 1925, Alfons Loacker bought a little pastry shop in the heart of Bolzano, a picturesque town, with cobbled stoned piazzas and narrow roads sitting at the base of Mount Renon in the Italian Alps. Here he created the first "Bolzano wafer", a scrumptious delight, crisp and thin, filled with the most delicious creams.


The success of the growing pastry shop and the “Bolzano wafer” encouraged Alfon’s son, Armin, a passionate pastry chef to join the family business in 1958.

Christine joins her brother as head of administration

Ten years later, in 1968, he was followed by his sister Christine, who brought her visionary approach to bear as head of administration and distribution. Together they grew the business, by investing in new technologies and into a new stay-fresh packaging.

The Loacker bakery is moved up to Mount Renon

In 1974 the visionary siblings moved the bakery from Bolzano up to Mount Renon, on 3,200 feet just by the famous Sciliar/ Schlern to get even closer to nature where the air is crisp and the water is crystal clear. Shortly after, the goodness and superb taste and quality of Loacker ventured beyond the borders of South Tyrol and then out of Italy and into the world.

The third generation joins Loacker

In 1996, with Armin’s and Christine’s children, the third generation joined the Loacker family business.

Loacker continues to be a family business

Today, it is Andreas, Martin and Ulrich who continue the tradition of baking high quality wafer cookies that Alfons Loacker started back in 1925. In fact, almost a century later Loacker remains a family business and stays true to Alfon’s idea of “pure goodness” by providing only the best product with the highest quality ingredients. 

After all, our story is the story of a family who has always been inspired by nature. And, it is the respect for nature and the passion for high quality ingredients that can be found in every Loacker wafer today.

The Values That Guide Us

Loacker is a brand founded from the heart and staying true to these values has been integral to our success and is crucial for our future growth. That’s why we accept no compromise on quality. The values handed down from generation to generation live now on in the third generation. The goodness of Loacker products is our history's legacy and the result of our craftsmanship and recipes passed over generations, to offer everyone the purest moment of joy and pleasure.

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Good Taste



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Good Ingredients

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Good Place

The Place We Call Home

Almost a century later, we are still where we belong: In the middle of nature, right in front of the enchanting Dolomite mountains in South Tyrol baking the most delicious bites for you.

Italy's Best-Kept Secret

Growing up surrounded by the heart-stirring beauty of the Dolomites, for the Loacker family, nature has always played a fundamental role in their lives and infused everything they did and do today. Thus, it comes as no surprise, that our HQ is located up on Mount Renon, facing the famous Sciliar/ Schlern. Based on its distinct shape, the Sciliar/Schlern is not only South Tyrol's landmark but, as a symbol of naturalness, purity and origin, it can also be found in our logo.

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