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Our road to 


How we take responsibility

The Loacker Sustainability Strategy is based on our corporate mission and vision statements, and on our business policies. Our quality and sustainability policy firmly establishes sustainable management along the entire value chain. We strive to maintain a balance between environmental, economic, and social responsibility.

Our road to sustainability

Sustainable supply chain

Our every decision, our every action, aims to minimizing our environmental impact and make sure that those who work with and for Loacker feel at ease.

Our road to sustainability

Contribution to climate neutrality

We are aware of our social and environmental responsibilities. That’s why we invest today for a better tomorrow.

Our road to sustainability

Your Good Choice

Being surrounded by the beauty of the Dolomites, we have always had nature play a fundamental role in our lives and in our products. That's why pure goodness defines more than the delicious bites we craft. Discover our Good Choices for you.