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Loacker recipe with Quadratini wafer: Spring Skewers

Spring Skewer

Loacker Quadratini recipe

How to top-off your garden party or picnic with family & friends? These delicious wafer skewers are just perfect for every spring occasion!


  • Any type of fruit you like: E.g. apples, strawberries, kiwis, blueberries, bananas, etc. 
  • Topping for decorating: chocolate sauce (e.g. ruby chocolate)
  • Loacker Quadratini & Minis in different flavors: Raspberry- & Blueberry-Yogurt, Lemon and Vanilla



  1. Take as many wooden skewers as you like/need
  2. Stack the fruits you like and our Quadratini & Minis wafer cookies in alternate order onto the skewers 
  3. Garnish them with chocolate sauce. Enjoy!




5 mins