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Loacker Best Of Moments

Goodness for sharing

Enjoying all the different forms of Loacker goodness is a pleasure like no other. To delight you with the best of our wafer and chocolate specialties we have created amazing selections of our best wafer creations. A joy to share on every occasion.

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      Sharing Kids Nostalgic Tin, variety pack of wafers, 12.38oz

      Original price $19.98 Current price $16.98

      When there is a special occasion, you need to celebrate it with something that is just as special. This adorable nostalgic tin contains 36 of Loacker's favorite wafer cookies including Classic Minis (Hazelnut, Chocolate and Vanilla) and Chocolat Minis (Hazelnut and Dark Chocolate), our classic wafer cookies covered in decadent chocolate. All 36 Minis are individually wrapped making it easy to share them with friends and loved ones.

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      Loacker Christmas Tree, variety pack of wafers & chocolates,

      Original price $9.99 Current price $5.99

      The Loacker Christmas Tree is the perfect gift that will bring the joy of the season to those you love. Sharing an abundance of little Loacker treats, all individually wrapped, will be like exchanging lots of mini gifts with your loved ones. You’ll have a hard time deciding which is best. The Christmas Tree contains 15 irresistible and best-loved Loacker wafer specialties and makes it perfect to share with friends as a dessert to round up a nice dinner. The tree shaped colorful design of the box will be an eyecatcher alongside your holiday decoration.

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      Classic Big Pack, variety pack of wafers, 9.52oz

      Original price $9.49 Current price $5.69

      One pack - six worlds of pleasure. An object specially designed to amaze, which combines surprise with pure yumminess. This iconic pack contains 6 of Loacker's favorite wafer cookies including the best flavors Hazelnut, Chocolate, Vanilla, Milk, Cocoa & Milk, and Double Choc. Loacker wafer cookies are ideal for on the go, lunch boxes or to enjoy with your favorite cup of coffee or tea. All 6 individually wrapped wafer cookies bringing joy to little kids and it's great to share with family, friends and not to forget your work colleagues.

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      Rose Selection, variety pack of chocolate pralines, 5.29oz

      Original price $9.99 Current price $8.49

      If you are looking for a truly unique little chocolate gift, look no further! Inspired by the unique shape of Alpine Roses in South Tyrol, Italy, this premium chocolate pralines are a creamy-sweet blossom dream with a fine nut bouquet. This box contains 12 individually wrapped premium chocolate pralines covered with milk, dark or white chocolate. At the heart of the pralines you'll find our exquisite hazelnut cream filling and crispily roasted hazelnut pieces, making it one of the most unique and indulgent Loacker treats ever.

    • Best of Moments, variety pack of wafers & chocolates,14.11oz


      This box contains 44 of Loacker's most popular mini snacks (Classic Wafers, Chocolat, Patisserie & Tortina), all individually wrapped making it easy to share them with friends and loved ones.

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