That’s how
we take

We are aware of our social and environmental responsibilities. That’s why we invest today for a better tomorrow.


At Loacker, we like to do things well

Our every decision, our every action, aims to minimizing our environmental impact and make sure that those who work with and for Loacker feel at ease. We know, that we leave this planet to our children, and every day we work to protect its resources. 


both our bakeries rely on 100%green electricity supply?

“Sustainable development means bringing environmental aspects on par with social and economic interests. Sustainable economy means we have to ensure our children and grandchildren are left with an intact social, environmental and economic structure.”

We take responsibility for the people

Life for us is the people we love, those we work with, those who identify with our products. We consider those who work with us as part of the larger Loacker family: we look after their personal and professional development with mutual respect and esteem. We care for our suppliers, with whom we like to build long-term, positive relationships. We believe that those who live on the other side of the world, in close contact with nature and its fruits, have a lot to learn but just as much to teach us. We believe in you, who inspire us always to do our best. You, who appreciate our work. You, who derive pleasure from our constant striving for quality and perfection.



We take responsibility for our environment

But there can be no real care for people without care for the most important thing that people have: the environment. Drawing on the resources offered by our planet in a responsible and frugal manner, protecting both flora and fauna, and helping to reduce pollution: these are things we do and that we are truly proud of.

We take responsibilty for our ingredients

Naturalness and sustainability as constant objectives. Raw materials – our greatest treasure – are, and will always be, the focus of our closest attention. This is the only way we know for creating truly excellent specialties that will win over anyone at first bite.

Our sustainable raw materials projects

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