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Our road to sustainability - Vanilla

Our Vanilla from Madagascar

Our environmentally and socially responsible standards for core ingredients

Our road to sustainability - Vanilla

Our sustainable Vanilla from Madagascar

Vanilla represents one of the fundamental ingredients in our products. That’s why we exclusively use precious vanilla pods from Madagascar, a sort known for its premium quality and purity.

In collaboration with our partners, we launched our Vanilla from Madagascar program. The raw material is directly supplied by farmers from selected areas in the Sava region of Madagascar. 

In 2021, we sourced approximately 10% of our total vanilla needs through our sustainability project in Madagascar. By 2025, we plan to source 50% of our supply need from this partnership, and by the end of 2030 the entire supply.


Local community

We directly work with our local partners to understand which projects are needed most by the local communities. We started off with:

  • support of vanilla corps
  • construction of water wells and solar-powered stoves
  • and contruction of health facilities.

These initiatives are just an extension of other, already existing green initiatives, such as financed training sessions on environmental protection and safe guarding the rain forest. We refund farmers and communities who carry out environmental measures, such as dredging rivers and collecting waste.


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