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Our road to sustainability - Alpine Milk

Our Non-GMO Alpine Milk

Our environmentally and socially responsible standards for core ingredients

Our road to sustainability - Alpine Milk

Our sustainable Non-GMO Alpine Milk

Milk is one of the most important ingredients for our recipes and therefore it has to be of irreproachable quality and sourced from a controlled supply chain.

Our sustainability program is all about 100% Alpine milk. The milk in our cream comes exclusively from the Alps, from cows fed with NON GMO feeds.

As part of our program, we aim to promote and protect the economy of this area and reduce the transport, while also making sure the milk is processed with the utmost care.

Green pastures, pure water and a huge variety of lush grasses, herbs, and flowers give our fresh Alpine milk its unique quality and characteristics.

With the opening of our milk production plant in the Italian Alps, we are able to guarantee that only the best Alpine milk from small farms are used in our Loacker cream wafers.

First South Tyrolean production plant of powdered milk

In partnership with Brimi, one of Italy’s leading dairy products companies, we have set up Dolomites Milk, in Vandoies/Vintl, South Tyrol.

The plant is based halfway between the Loacker headquarters of Auna di Sotto and the production plant of Heinfels, and just a few kilometers from Brimi. This reduces long-distance travels, a further proof of our commitment to the prevention and reduction of Co² emissions.

The production plant was inaugurated at the end of 2019. Here, we produce skimmed milk, whole milk powder, and whey powder using milk and whey primarily sourced in the Alps from NON-GMO fed cows. Our milk is both Kosher and Halal certified.


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