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Loacker recipe with Minis wafer, Gelato sandwiches recipe idea

Gelato Sandwiches

Loacker Minis recipe

Enjoy a refreshing dessert in a perfect on-the-go format, which are perfect for garden parties and gatherings!


  • Lemon and/or Raspberry-Gelato
  • White and/or Ruby chocolate dip
  • Crispies for decoration
  • Wooden ice cream sticks
  • Loacker Spring Minis



  1. Take Loacker Spring Minis and put your favorite gelato between two wafer cookies and freeze them for 2 hours 
  2. Then melt the white and/or ruby chocolate 
  3. Take the frozen Spring Minis and dip them into the chocolate
  4. Sprinkle crispies or any other toppings as decoration onto the chocolate cover
  5. Again, put the Spring Gelato Wafers into the freezer for 2-3 hours. Enjoy!




20 mins