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Over the years, Loacker has received a number of treasured and internationally recognised awards. These prizes include the European Candy Kettle Award, the "Oscar of the confectionery industry", Sweets Global Network's Golden Watch, the local Export Award South Tyrol and "Geschmack des Jahres" (Flavour of the Year) awards as well as the Randstad Award 2015.

  • Randstad Award Region 2015

    Randstad Award Region 2015

    Loacker received the 2015 Randstad Award for the region of North-East Italy, having been elected the most attractive employer in that region. In particular and in addition, Loacker was awarded for the perceived most pleasant work environment, safe employment and financial solidity. 


    Awarded for the first time in 2015, the Randstad Award Region is part of the Randstad Award – the biggest survey in the world for employer branding. This survey attempts to determine the attractiveness of companies based on public opinion from eight different product sectors.


    Loacker was awarded the prize because the company, according to the survey, fulfils the ten most important criteria of an attractive employer: competitive remuneration and social benefits, career opportunities, strong leadership, pleasant work environment, occupational safety, work-life-balance, financial solidity, interesting work, good training standards and social responsibility. 

  • Sapore dell´anno 2014 (Flavour of the Year) for Loacker wafers

    Sapore dell´anno 2014 (Flavour of the Year) for Loacker wafers

    It is one of the most important awards in the consumption sector: the globally recognised "Sapore dell´anno" award is given by the independent organisation of the same name based on consumer tests. Loacker received this important award in 2012 for its wafers and 2013 for its chocolate bars. In 2014, Loacker wafers won over the jury again.

  • Sapore dell´anno 2013 (Flavour of the Year) for Loacker chocolate bars

    Sapore dell´anno 2013 (Flavour of the Year) for Loacker chocolate bars

    A product honoured as "Sapore dell´anno" is significant recognition for the company. Most of all, it's a definite quality guarantee for the consumer. This is because the independent organisation "Sapore dell´anno" awards this prize based on comprehensive blind comparison taste tests with consumers. Loacker received this important award in 2012 for its wafers. In 2013, the "Milk&Cereals 25g", "Choco&Coco 22g" and "Choco&Nuts 26g" Loacker chocolate bars won over the jury.

  • Sapore dell´anno 2012 (Flavour of the Year) for Loacker wafers

    Sapore dell´anno 2012 (Flavour of the Year) for Loacker wafers

    The "Sapore dell’anno" award from the independent organisation of the same name certifies products that have been tested by the consumer and are preferred because of their special taste. This guarantees that only products that have a superior taste are chosen. In 2012, Loacker received the coveted award for the first time for its wafers.

  • Export Award South Tyrol 2011

    Export Award South Tyrol 2011

    This award is given out every two years from the autonomous Bolzano province in the categories marketing, export, tourism and innovation. It honours local companies that increase the competitiveness of South Tyrol with innovative, exemplary and marketable projects. Loacker received this award in 2011 for its consistent market leadership and the successful expansion of globally strong distribution.

  • Sweets Global 2007

    Sweets Global 2007

    Sweets Global Network's Golden Watch honours personalities from politics and the economy as well as companies that have made a particular contribution to the confectionery industry. In 2007, Christine Zuenelli and Armin Loacker were presented with this coveted award in Munich.


    The international confectionery trade association Sweets Global Network e.V. (SG) is, with more than 300 member companies from ten countries, the established network and the leading communication platforms for all confectionery experts in the German-speaking area and beyond.

  • European Candy Kettle 2003

    European Candy Kettle 2003

    This award is the "Oscar of the confectionery industry" and honours product quality, contribution to the evolution of production techniques, the development of sales and marketing actions as well as success in the international market.


    The European Candy Kettle Club is a professional confectionery association of raw material producers and manufacturers of production facilities in the confectionery industry as well as selected trade press. 


    By awarding Armin Loacker in 2003, the prize returned to Italy for the first time after 9 years. In 1994, it went to Pierangelo Pagliotti of Elah Dufour. The first award to an Italian producer lies back a lot further: in 1973, the European Candy Kettle Club Award went to none other than Michele Ferrero.