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Loacker Thins

The refined freedom of giving in to pleasure

Loacker presents Thins, the thinnest, crispiest goodness ever in a wafer. Thins are pleasure in its purest, most contemporary form, the perfect snack for those who wish to enjoy a mindful pleasure. Each finger will win you over with its lightness: two delicate layers of crisp wafer embracing a mouth-watering layer of finest cream.

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    • Thins Dark Chocolate, creme-filled wafer cookies, 5.29oz


      These thin wafers are a lighter, crispier take on our classic Loacker wafer fingers. The delicious cream made with fine flavor dark chocolate refined with cocoa from our Sustainability Program in Ecuador turns these crunchy little cubes into an all-time favorite for dark chocolate lovers. This family-size bag contains 150g premium thin wafer fingers filled with finest dark chocolate cream. Loacker Thins are ideal for sharing with friends and loved ones or for dunking in a glass of milk.


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